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12 Step Comprehensive Digital Eye Exam

At Kingsway Eye Care Family Optometry, our experienced eye doctors, ophthalmic technicians and assistants are ready to provide you with the most comprehensive eye examination possible. Each eye examination will be customized depending on the age group, medical and visual history, and any specific issues or concerns expressed by the patient. Listed below are the medical tests performed in our “12 Step Comprehensive Eye Exam”.

Hi-technology Pre-Testing

Step 1: At Kingsway Eye Care Family Optometry, we take great care in evaluating the ocular health of our patients. Every comprehensive eye exam includes a high-technology pre-test which consists of: an auto refraction (refractive error estimate), auto keratometry (corneal curvature), non contact tonometry (eye pressure), and a digital retinal scan of the eye.

Medical and Visual Case History

Step 2: A complete and through examination at Kingsway Eye Care Family Optometry will always include obtaining detailed a medical and visual history. This is important in establishing and documenting all medical and environmental influences that can affect vision.

Visual Acuities (VA)

Step 3: The visual assessment of a patients’ corrected and uncorrected vision is documented as a baseline measurement at each office visit. This is recorded for both distance- and near-vision and is monitored for changes over time.

High-Technology Digital Refraction

Step 4: At Kingsway Eye Care we are proud to be “Home of the Digital Eye Exam”. For this reason, all of our patient refractions are performed using the latest state of the art technology, the NidekRTS5100TM computerized refractor. This advanced technology enhances the accuracy of eye glass prescriptions to provide our patients with the most precise vision possible.

Also, Kingsway Eye Care is one of the few offices in the GTA that has invested in high technology such as the Visioffice Swing UnitTM, a state of the art device that obtains 3-dimensional measurements of the physiology of our patients’ eye to create ultimate lens personalization and bespoke accuracy. This is exclusively available to Kingsway Eye Care patients.

Binocular Vision Testing

Step 5: Binocular testing is important to rule out strabismus, amblyopia and/or lazy eye. It involves determining how well your eyes coordinate together and how they recognize depth perception. This part of the eye exam is performed via Cover Testing, Near Point Convergence Testing, Broad H Testing and Stereo Acuity measurements.

Colour Vision Testing

Step 6: Colour Vision Testing is performed on pediatric patients and all firemen/policemen to rule out colour decencies. Did you know that some eye diseases can be detected by measuring and monitoring changes in colour vision?

Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy

Step 7: This part of the comprehensive eye exam involves careful detailed examination of anterior ocular structures including the cornea, the natural lens, and conjunctival tissues. The process of a slit lamp examination is to evaluate for the presence of cataracts, dry eye, and contact lens induced anthologies such as infections or trauma.

Dilated Fundus Examination

Step 8: A Dilated Fundus Examination includes a detailed and careful examination of the internal ocular structures–the retina, the optic nerve, the retinal blood musculature, and the macula–to rule out retinal abnormalities and to detect for early signs of Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration.

Dry Eye Assessment

Step 9: If you seek a professional opinion with expert knowledge, Kingsway Eye Care is at the forefront of modern Dry Eye therapy. In fact, did you know that Dr. Do was one of the first few Optometrists in North America to be certified in providing LipiflowTM treatment for the management of advanced dry eyes?

Every comprehensive eye examination at Kingsway Eye Care will include a detailed assessment of the ocular tear film surface. This includes staining the cornea–a painless and quick process, to visualize the extent of corneal dryness or damage in the eye. Based on the results of a corneal assessment, a multi-step, Personalized Dry Eye Treatment Plan may be developed. Visit our “Dry Eye Treatment Centre” page under “Services” for more details.

Automated Visual Field Testing

Step 10: Visual Field Testing is performed to measure central and peripheral vision loss. It is a specialized test, performed when deemed medically necessary for at-risk patients (e.g. such as for glaucoma patients, arthritic patients on Plaquenil use, etc.). Visual Field Testing is also performed on patients that have experienced a cerebral vascular accident (such as a stroke) and who need to have their driving privileges re-certified as required by the Ministry of transportation.

Patient Education

Step 11: Every comprehensive eye examination at Kingsway Eye Care involves Patient Education and Counselling. During this part of the examination, Dr. Do will thoroughly discuss the results of the individual test results and the health and lifestyle implications of the results. Dr. Do will also develop a treatment plan that will address the patient’s underlying eye condition(s) and establish a follow-up care schedule.

Lens Education and Counselling

Step 12: At Kingsway Eye Care, our Registered Opticians and Certified Optometric Assistants will guide and educate patients on the optimal lens selection, based on your prescription, frame selection and lifestyle.

Also, our vision care specialists will also educate and counsel first-time and existing contact cleanse wearers on safe and long-term contact lens wear. They will review lens care and replacement schedules as prescribed by Dr. Do to ensure that your contact lens use is safe and enjoyable.