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Patient Services

Kingsway Eye Care Family Optometry is an advanced full-scoped optometry office, providing comprehensive care that will have your family saying, “wow”. Our team of trained professionals are not satisfied until we exceed your expectations. Give us a call, or drop by today, to see how we can help you see your best! Click on “View More” to learn about each of our optometry services:

Children’s Vision Care

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At Kingsway Eye Care, we are focused on your family eye care needs; specializing in the examination of children. We recognize that with vision being one of critical the senses of a child’s perception and exploratory learning, it is essential to a growth and development. In fact, according to the Ontario Optometric Association, 80% of learning is visual. For this reason, children are encouraged to have their eyes examined on a yearly basis starting from the age of 6 months to rule out amblyopia (lazy eye) or other eye conditions that can affect learning and visual development. Since young children have not developed the sensory recognition of what is visually normal until usually the age of 9, children could be straining their eyes and not even be aware of it, let alone be bothered by it. Bring your children to have their eyes examined, and help them put their best foot forward in life.

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Vision Therapy

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Rehabilitative vision therapy is a non invasive, doctor-assisted therapeutic program designed to improve neural oculomotor control of one’s eyes along with improving visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies

Our advanced vision therapy program trains the entire visual system which includes eyes, brain and body. One can best describe vision therapy is a form of neurological training or rehabilitation for the eyes.  In other words, vision therapy can be compared to some forms of occupational therapy or physical therapy for the eyes. 

The goal of vision therapy is to train the patient’s brain to use the eyes to receive information effectively, comprehend it quickly and react appropriately.

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12 Step Comprehensive Digital Eye Exam

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At Kingsway Eye Care we are strictly focused on the health of your eyes. Did you know that periodic eye and vision examinations are an important part of preventive health care? Did you know that there are many systemic diseases that can go unnoticed and many systemic conditions that can affect the eye? A routine eye exam goes beyond whether or not one needs new glasses or about preventing blindness. An eye exam can save your life!

Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms. As a result, individuals are often unaware that a problem exists. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems are important for maintaining clear comfortable vision along with promoting preventative health concerns. At Kingsway Eye Care, our 12 Step Digital Eye Examination allows patients to feel confident not only are they seeing their 20/20 best but feeling reassured they overall health concerns are also being addressed.

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Visual Field Testing

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A Visual Field Test is performed to diagnose, monitor and assess the severity of retinal diseases. The Visual Field Test determines an individual’s scope of vision–measuring central and peripheral vision–to detect the presence of scotomas (blind spots in the eye). If a blind spot is present, its size and shape is assessed to diagnose the type of eye deficiency.

Visual Field Testing is frequently used to detect signs of glaucoma damage to the optic nerve, macular degeneration, retinal detachment and retinitis pigmentosa. Visual Field Testing can also assess the function of the optic nerve to identify a tumour, injury or stroke. Additionally, a Visual Field Test can assess toxicity from certain medications such as Plaquenil or Tamoxifen.

Kingsway Eye Care’s Visual Field technology is the gold standard of care for early diagnosis and management of ocular diseases resulting in visual field loss. Depending on your medical condition, the Visual Field Test, may be an OHIP insured service. Please inquire with our office for further details.

Kingsway Eye Care is also recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation as a recognized Vision Assessment Testing Centre for peripheral field driving certification. Please call our office to inquire for details.

Spectacles, Sunglasses & Contact Lenses

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Come and experience why Kingsway Eye care has been nominated as the preferred provider for eye care in the Bloor West Area.

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Digital Lens Personalization

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As the “Home of the Digital Eye Exam”, Kingsway Eye Care is at the forefront of modern optometry technology. We believe that our patients deserve the latest in not only preventative eye care and diagnostic imaging technology, but also the latest in lens technology. The Essilor VisiofficeTM Swing Unit–exclusive to patients of Kingsway Eye Care–has been hailed a breakthrough in lens technology. This technology allows for digital precision of bespoke lens personalization in the making of all of our patients’ glasses or prescription sunglasses. Ultimate lens personalization works by obtaining real 3D coordinates of each eye and allows for a perfect lens-to-eye and frame alignment. The result is a lens of superior accuracy that surpasses any fit you have ever experienced. By pioneering trusted technology, we enabling patients to benefit from truly bespoke accuracy and ultimate lens personalization. At Kingsway Eye Care, home of the digital eye exam, we are leaders in offering the latest digital technology to enhance your visual experience giving you clear, comfortable vision. Offering digital lenses requires precise measurements and alignment. That is why we offer the Essilor “VisiofficeTM Swing Unit” a breakthrough in measurement lens technology. Experience your High Definition vision today.

Dry Eye Treatment Centre

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Dry Eye is a multifactorial disease that results from an imbalance in the quantity and/or quality of tears. It can also occur when the rate of evaporation of tears on the surface of the eye is accelerated. Dry Eye sufferers may experience: dryness, discomfort and irritation, grittiness in the eye, feeling of a foreign body in the eye, redness, fatigue, fluctuating vision and/or sensitivity to light. The incidence of dry eye has increased over the past few years as a result of increased computer use, contact lens use, air travel, poor air quality, etc. If left untreated, dry eye can negatively impact quality of life, and can lead to permanent damage to the eye and potentially serious vision impairment.

If you suffer from Dry Eye, Kingsway Eye Care’s Dry Eye Treatment Centre is here to help. We will identify the root cause of your Dry Eye and create a Personalized Dry Eye Treatment Plan to make your eyes feel as comfortable as you once remembered them. If you seek a professional opinion with expert knowledge, Kingsway Eye Care is at the forefront of modern Dry Eye therapy. In fact, Dr. Do was one of the first Optometrists in North America to be certified in providing Lipiflow® treatment for the management of advanced dry eyes.

Click on below to learn more about Kingsway’s Personalized Dry Eye Treatment Plan. Want to know what our Dry Eye patients have to say? Check out our “TESTIMONIALS” page.

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Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussion Treatment

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Unique to our office, we offer vision therapy services to rehabilitate individuals who suffer from post traumatic injuries such as concussion from sports, motor vehicle accidents and stroke victims with visual neglect We help to treat the underlying common symptoms persistent in their daily lives such as:

  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Difficulty with reading (such as words moving on the page)
  • Vertigo Imbalance and or dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Loss of your peripheral vision

Many patients are unaware the symptoms following a concussion or a traumatic brain injury can be rehabilitated with the help of vision therapy.

Learn more about Traumatic Brain Injury/ Concussion Treatment

Advanced Digital Retinal/Optical Coherence Imaging

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Kingsway Eye Care Family Optometry is committed to preventative eye care excellence. For this reason, all of our patients receive advanced diagnostic Digital Retinal Imaging as an integral part of their regular comprehensive digital eye exam.

Digital Retinal Imaging is a high resolution photographic system that takes images of the back of the eye, where the retina is located. Annual Retinal health monitoring is critical, as it is essential to maintaining clear vision , detecting early systemic diseases and overall eye function. However, the sensitive retinal tissue can be affected by a variety of systematic and eye diseases, such as Macular Degeneration, Retinal Vascular occlusion (strokes in the eye), Tumours, Diabetes, Melanoma, Hypertension, and etc. These conditions, some of which are often asymptomatic, can lead to partial or complete blindness. Early detection and prevention through Digital Retinal Imaging, in complement with annual comprehensive eye examinations at Kingsway Eye Care, are critical in fostering healthy living and overall eye health longevity.

In addition to the early detection of diseases, Digital Retinal Imaging establishes a baseline and benchmark status of the health of your eye. The photographed digital retinal images are saved within your patient file and serve as a permanent and historical record of changes in your eye. Images can be compared side-by-side at each yearly visit, to discover even subtle changes the health of your eyes.

Despite its significant benefits, Digital Retinal Imaging is a benefit service performed at Kingsway Eye Care, that extends beyond the basic coverage of OHIP. However, most private insurance plans do cover Digital Retinal Imaging, please inquire with your provider.

The benefits of Digital Retinal Imaging can also be seen in the below episode of “The Doctors”:

Computer Vision Syndrome Relief

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Computers, smartphones, smartwatches and tablets–the digital age

As we enter the digital age of computers and smartphones, their growing enthusiastic use in our busy lives brings with it increased eye health risks. One growing trend, called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), is afflicting more and more individuals who find themselves constantly in front of computer screens. The most common symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) are

  • eyestrain/blurred vision
  • headaches (especially soreness behind the eyes)
  • dry eyes ( see our dry eye page)

Viewing distances and angles used for computer work can vary from those commonly used for reading. As a result, the focal range of clarity for computer viewing can place additional visual stress demands causing your eyes to fatigue more easily. Hence we become more susceptible to end of day fatigue and headaches. Further working on a computer gets even more difficult as you get older. That’s because the lens of your eye becomes less flexible. The ability to focus on near and far objects starts to diminish after about age 40 — a condition called presbyopia.

To reduce some of your computer eyestrain follow the simple rule of:

Remember 20-20-20. Every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away, minimum. This can help alleviate some of your computer eyestrain.

Outdated glasses or under corrected vision problems can be major contributing factors to your computer-related eyestrain. At Kingsway Eye Care, we offer advanced diagnostic testing along with comprehensive examination of your eyes to address your concerns. We also offer exclusive dry eye treatments a common complaint for many CVS sufferers. We further offer exclusive computer anti fatigue therapeutic lenses to help relieve your eyestrain, come in for a consultation and ask how we can help with your visual distress.

digital-eye-strain-infographic-580x1300 (1)

Senior's Vision Care

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Reaching the age of 60 is a medically significant period. Individuals over age 60 are more likely to develop health and vision-threatening conditions that can Sony be treated with early detection and prevention. These individuals often experience faster than usual decline in vision quality, which creates heightened public safety concerns.

There are many medical disease processes that occur as you age and these require constant monitoring for optimal health and prevention. Conditions such as cataracts and Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD) are significant more common eye conditions that develop as we age. Risk factors include family history, smoking and accumulated UV exposure.

The importance of early sunglasses use is heavily emphasized and should be adopted early in life. Not all sunglasses are created equally. Please ask our staff what the best sunglasses are for your needs.

Another concern for a senior’s vision is the development of glaucoma an asymptomatic blinding eye disease that constricts our peripheral vision that can silently manifest itself as we age. The treatment is through medicated eye drops, visual field testing and monitoring with annual eye exams. At Kingsway Eye Care, our emphasis is towards preventative eye care as such early detection along with annual eye exams is the key to preventing and delaying potentially devastating vision loss.

Lasik Consultation and Night Vision Assesment

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Certified in the evaluation and post operative management of patients who wish to undergo refractive surgery, Dr. Do is an experienced refractive surgical consultant and affiliated with many laser centers in the Toronto area such as the Herzig Eye Institute, TLC and the Bochner Eye Institute. He will assist you in the decision making process and outline the pros and cons of many refractive surgeries such as lasik.

If you are a patient who has had previous refractive eye surgery, it is recommended you have routine exams on a yearly basis to monitor the health maintenance of your eyes. Refractive eye surgery alters the way light rays enters into your eye, it does not change the health of your eyes. Maintaining yearly routine eye exams allows us to monitor the health of your eyes after your surgery. As you may already be aware, the health of your eyes is more than being able to see 20/20 vision.

Noted for its advanced testing facilities, Kingsway Eye Care is privileged as one of the few testing facilities in the province recognized by the Ministry of Ontario for the examination of individuals whom have undergone refractive surgery such as Lasik/Prk/ICL and lens replacement surgery.

As mandated by the ministry, a night vision assessment and glare testing examination is required to qualify these individuals for employment in the areas such as Police Services, Fire Services, TTC special constable, and nuclear security services for Atomic Energy of Canada. Kingsway Eye Care is proud to offer this specialized service for any patient who would like to have their night vision testing assessed.